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Laptop Jack Repair

If you have found that over time the charging on your laptop has become more and more unreliable and you have to hold the charger in at a certain angle to achieve connection or charge.
DC jack or socket is a female connector to which a power adapter is plugged in, to deliver electricity.
On laptops it easily broken, this is a common problem.
We recommend you get this looked into straight away, otherwise potentially this could cause further damage to your laptop motherboard and you may need motherboard repair.
We can easily repair your laptop power socket. Solve any laptop charging problems for all laptop manufacturers including Acer, Sony, Apple, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, Packard Bell, Asus, Dell, ADVENT, MAC and many more.

Common Problems:

  • The laptop only runs on battery power
  • Intermittent charging or battery wouldn’t charge If the power lead is wiggled it makes or looses contact
  • The whole connector is loose, pushed in, broken, misplaced or missing
  • Screen flickers between bright and dim when the tip of the charger is moved
  • The laptop won’t power up or charge unless the lead is held in one position