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Data transfer …

Question: My system is totally corrupted and other companies offering to me only system reload. Is that possible to transfer all my data? Answer: […]

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Laptop screen is dim …

Question: My laptop screen is dim and picture is almost invisible or very dark, how can I fix it? Answer: If laptop screen is […]

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Spilled liquid on laptop keyboard …

Question: I have spilled liquid on my keyboard and now it is sticky… Answer: It is absolutely necessary to test all hardware components on […]

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Desktop PC does not power on at all …

Question: Desktop PC does not power on at all – how I can try to fix it?   Answer: In case if yor Desktop […]

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Laptop screen is broken …

Question: My Laptop screen is broken – what can I do? ¬†Answer: You can try to connect your laptop to an external screen – […]

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